• Problematic Patterns

    Problematic Patterns
    Problematic Patterns
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    Hardbound Version.  A brief discussion on the nature of Problematic Patterns of personal and behavioral functioning, followed by a dictionary of patterns, including the psychiatric diagnostic system, Michael J. Lincoln's diagnostic system, the enneagram point problems, the deadly sins, numerous traits and many, many more. It is about as exhaustive coverage of personal psychopathology and its psychodynamics/learning history as can be had. Using the DSMs (Diagnostic and Statistical manual of Mental Disorders) as a benchmark, you will find over 3700 items like Drama Triangle-Addict, Compulsive Disorders, Perfectionism to Stress-Seeking Patterns to name a few. 

    An in depth examination of the parameters and processes underlying our behavioral, emotional, mental, social, motivational and spiritual problematic patterns. It is presented as being the resultant of the individual's soul and cosmic issues in conjunction with their bodily characteristics, environmental influences, and experiential history. They are seen as emerging from destiny design and early adaptational requirements, resulting in unconscious spiritual absolution pursuits that interact with ecological and self-fulfilling prophesy effects arising from their devial perceptions, interpretations and interventions. The dilemma of the isolated nuclear family is implicated intensely. It ends with a listing of the 108 dimensions underlying the problematic patterns.


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